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Oct 10, 2012 10:00am EDT
, interestingly, macarthur's -- >> rose: except harry truman. >> and should have been fired. >> and historians have been tough on macarthur lately. >> rose: really? >> the inchon landing? >> that was a single great moment, it really was but he made a lot of other mistakes. >> rose: yes. >> from his vein mores youness. >> rose: he wanted to go to to china. >> he wanted to bomb china and that's what he tussled with truman about. >> rose: yes. >> do people eisenhower chose around him and met in different to the generals when he was in world war ii, but when he became president, john foster dallas. >> yes. >> as his secretary of state, alan dulles is held of the cia. >> well, john foster dulles was a good cop, bad cop thing, bull he is was very anti-communist and fierce and life is a machiavellian struggle, that was useful. >> rose: neoconservative today. >> oh, sure but that is useful for ike who could be the nice guy and kind of bland but i might the famous -- at the time, the press thought dulles was running foreign policy and only later did the scholars find out the famous dulles massive retal
Oct 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
lobbying.? >> host: president eisenhower a fan??? >> guest: neither truman or?? eisenhower were a fan of the marine.?? both army veterans.?? they tried to do the first?? restructuring, which the corp. beat back scefly.? truman said in a letter of really incautious haste, that?? the marines have a propaganda machine almost? equal to stali? he's in so much trouble that he? makes a public apology, and?? that's the day they mobilize th? congressional coalition to get special protection for three?? divisions and three wings, in? response to truman's blow up. >> host: are you a marine??? >> guest: yes, i am.?? >> host: when did you serve? where? >> guest: joined in 1995,? straight out of college.?? >> host: yale? >> guest: trinity college in hartford, connecticut, and then? yale. i served on active duty for fiv? years, reserve ever since. i have 17 years in now, but i'm incognita here until summer time, and then i get my haircut? >> host: where did you serve?? >> guest: afghanistan, just?? about a year ago, and then in?? the pentagon and quite a few different positi
Oct 28, 2012 10:30am EDT
truman or eisenhower were fans of the? marines.??? both are army veterans.????? eisenhower said chief of staff of the army when they did the? first restructuring under which marines beat back very????? successfully. president truman was famously said in? his letter and cautio? pace that the braves have a? propaganda machine that is??? ?most equal to stalin.???? this gets me so much of a???? piteous he is making his public? apology and that's the date the? mobilize their coalition for?? three divisions in three rings in response to truman's bl?ow ? >> are you a marine click?? >> im.? >> when did you serve?????? square. >> i joined in 1995 straight out of college.?? trinity college in hartford connecticut and graduate work a? io.???? i served on active duty for five years and up in the the reserves ever? since.???? site 17 years and now, but i'm? incognito at the naval academy? until summertime and then i get? a haircut.???? >> word you serve???????? >> i've served in afghanistan about a year ago and in the??? pentagon's been
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
underestimated. president truman had ordered the army to be desegregated in 1950 but the that the army had not complied. 85% of the army was still segregated when i had to power. ike ordered the military services to desegregate and of course this was a new supreme commander whose words they immediately obeyed. he culminated the segregationists of will service and after brown versus board of education, and he ordered the integration of the central high school in little rock and the demonstrations there which blocked the desegregation eisenhower ordered the 101st airborne division from fort campbell to little rock to enforce desegregation with a forceful message to everyone in the south that the desegregation integration was the loss of land and eisenhower was going to support it with the armed forces of the united states. what a powerful message. [applause] but finally, eisenhower did not take the lead in rgb advantages of integration as john f. kennedy and lyndon johnson to. eisenhower felt this was a difficult till -- pill to swallow and the best way to get them to do that was to stress t
Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
often underestimated. president truman had ordered the army to be desegregated in 1950 but the that the army had not complied. 85% of the army was still segregated when i had to power. ike ordered the military services to desegregate and of course this was a new supreme commander whose words they immediately obeyed. he culminated the segregationists of will service and after brown versus board of education, and he ordered the integration of the central high school in little rock and the demonstrations there which blocked the desegregation eisenhower ordered the 101st airborne division from fort campbell to little rock to enforce desegregation with a forceful message to everyone in the south that the desegregation integration was the loss of land and eisenhower was going to support it with the armed forces of the united states. what a powerful message. [applause] but finally, eisenhower did not take the lead in rgb advantages of integration as john f. kennedy and lyndon johnson to. eisenhower felt this was a difficult till -- pill to swallow and the best way to get them to do that wa
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
truman administration here that if the united states will stick up for israel in ensuring security in a very dangerous neighborhood. the distance that governor romney think it's going to try to play out if this idea that prime minister netanyahu's government deserves just be unqualified backing on domestic policy, domestic israeli policy as well as its policy towards the palestinians. and it is correct in the sense, not just in the sense, that the obama administration has been highly critical of the settlements. but let's keep in mind that george w. bush's father, george h.w. bush had very much the same differences, almost a step further in its criticism by threatening loan guarantees to israel of the settlement issue. o-oscar christian burke, virginia, murdoch come independent collar. good morning. >> caller: yes, i wanted to make a comment about hundreds of years of history of the middle east. the british and other european nations have one point divided up in china's controlled their occupation. the american policy has always been to support israel. you know, we don't look at ea
Oct 22, 2012 1:15am EDT
truman blow >> host: are you a 1995,? marmion? >> i joined in 1995 straight out of college. in from hartford connecticut. ti i served on active duty and in the reserves ever since. now i am and cod nidal per gries served in afghanistan one year-ago then the pentagon. also at camp with juneut and ina in south bend indiana. te >> what are the tensions? there is said dependent relationship? of >> i would not say that nowtoo but you can hide in the past re with that too much work in the present but it is a? su remarkable success story. nes in this interesting in the 40's the navy says we take??? care of you.??????? ? pay for the equipment that you use. you should be happy that we are here. after the amphibious forces the story changes. now they say don't cut the funding you don't of the ?rine task forces.??????? it is a little reverse.????? the institutional power is??? radically different.????? 3% of active duty.????? today there are 200,000.r 14% of the armed forces.officeit there was no public 194 relations i don't take anybody
Oct 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
the good work you do. we are showing a picture -- live shot i should say of truman going nap pi time. >> we got truman about a week or so ago. >> he opened his eyes like talking about me. >> he is a senior. he is about 10 years old, a hound great dane mix. basically not wanted by his family. we don't know the story. they brought him to the shelter. they didn't want him any more. we found him and we are taking care of him until he finds a new home. >> with the senior pups, there are health things that come along with ownership. as far as you know, can you isolate anything that a new owner may have to look out for as far as health or temperment issues. >> usually rescue has information about the dog, basic health screening is done ahead of time. you will find out if they have lyme disease, heart worm. they are common in shelter animals but easily treatable. >> we know senior dogs -- i'm a dog owner. i don't know about cats. i have to assume the same thing. sweet, wonderful, easy going for the most part and can add a lot of love in your home. >> yeah, you don't have to worry about
Oct 14, 2012 11:15am EDT
, truman capote, allen ginsberg, james baldwin, christopher, that took a lot of flak. the next generation had a much easier. edmund white, armistead, marketability, and tony kuchar. these people began to be accepted as equals, as major literary figures. so i was going to read to you a section tonight, today, sorry, about gore vidal. and gore vidal, at the democratic convention of 1968, and you'll see how one story leads to another injury. i'm beginning someplace and now in someplace different. christopher dedicate his novel to gore vidal. vidal was honored. but in the meantime he paid his friend a higher complex of competing with them. shortly after his singl manager, gore vidal went gore vidal went back to his old novel, 1948, revised and reissued it as if to establish his position as the first chronicles of kate american life. it was published in 1965, year after a single man, and included an afterword where he explain why he wrote the novel and offered his strongest statement to date about sexuality. i decided to examine homosexual underworld, which i knew rather less well t
Oct 21, 2012 1:15pm EDT
president eisenhower fan of th?e? marin? >> guest: neither truman or ?senhower friends of the???? ?rines.???? both are army veterans.????? eisenhower's chief of staff of? the younger women to?????? restructuring, which the marines ? back very? successfully.?? president truman was famously?? said in a letter of really??? incautious haze that the marine? have a propaganda machine that ? almost equal to stalin.??? biscuits and in so much trouble that he is to make a huge publi? apology.??????? that is the day they mobilize?? their congressional coalition to get their special protection fo? three divisions in response to? ?uman's? blowout.???? >> host: are you a marine?? >> guest: i am.?? >> host: manages her become? aware? >> guest: i joined in 1895? straight out of college. actually trinity college in? hartford connecticut and graduate work at yale.?? i? served on active duty for f? years and have been in the??? reserves are present, are? present, so i'm 17 years in now? i am incognito here at the nava? academy till summ
Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm EDT
years. employed during harry truman's administration through to ronald reagan's. collecting people imeel ya that offers a -- memorabilia that offers a three dimensional timeline of the presidential families. john f. kennedy jr.'s baby pen. even a burnt wooden post from 1814 when the british set fire to the white house which arrington found at work during the truman reconstruction. >> we found the table in the tar pen ter shop. >> reporter: he also helped with the kennedy renovations and collected items from the first lady herself, including a handwritten thank you note after the death of her son patrick. >> they're real people and they have real lives. a lot of this collection demonstrates that fact as well. >> i'm sure when he was collecting them, he was just -- never thought it would be of great, big value. but today we're reliving part of history. >> reporter: 1,000 things that arrington saved will be auctioned off today. starting bids ranging from $25 to $12,000. just like presidential life, the collection is bittersweet. wedding and inauguration announcements next to memories
Oct 15, 2012 1:40am EDT
carter, reagan, clinton, bush and obama with the truman administration. and in the truman administration, almost all political concerns or outsourced to the national committee. the white house staff was smaller. there were different norms. it was improper to have someone on the government payroll making ectoral planning decisions. t jimmy carter designated an aide to deal with political affairs not because the white house wasn't political because he was accused of handling e litics in the white house poorly said he wanted someone close to him he could trust, wh could help him keep in touc with the key members of his party across the country. and ronald reagan institutionalized it. he founded the white house office of political affairs which every president since has had, and that's given us the situation we have now where you are used to having the key mpaign advisers like david axelrod and david plus and karl rove who are in the white house on the government payroll.
Oct 23, 2012 1:00pm EDT
israel shapes their policy. we have to start with harry truman, we really do. if you go back to 1948, 1947, it was not clear that the united states would be an ally of israel or that the united states would support the creation of the state of israel. these were open questions. in fact on many of these questions, the state department was not in the right place. they were not as supportive of israel. in fact, secretary of state marshall at one point threatened to resign if he went ahead with the position. truman stood firm against a statement. he did have the u.s. vote to create the partition, he did have the u.s. recognize israel. these were important statements that he made. one of the things that i read in the article, i think you can talk about this in the conversation later, the jewish vote was important. by supporting it the way that he did, harry truman helped to secure the democratic vote for a long time to come. there are a lot of reasons why jewish people vote democratic, but amongst one of the many reasons is that early on, harry truman was supportive of the creation of the
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
harry truman's desk that said, "the buck stops here." obviously, there may be a president obama's desk that says, "the buck stops over there." >> then senator clinton seemed to like the truman approach in the 2008 campaign. >> i believe we need a president that believes what harry truman believes the buck stops in the oval office. >> top advisor to republican romney vowed with foreign policy on the table tonight, the president will face some heat. >> i think governor romney quite properly will be asking questions, probing and trying to ask the president to man up, accept responsibility. and explain to the american people the failure that result in four american deaths. >> what big question is if he was briefed on intelligence regarding earlier attacks on the consulate in benghazi. andrew card told fox today the state department would have looped in the white house. >> it would have been known in white house situation room and known by national security advisor. the homeland security advisor and chief of staff. i suspect the president. >> in interview with wendell goler, clinton he
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
smokestacks' you literally me have truman wassince president. the others came along not long n 1950.hat i in less than an hour, this plant shuts down. it is something a lot of say needed to happen. neighbors say pollution from on the potomac was burning down their quality life big-time. put water in, it turns black. paul says for years this dust hisconstant in neighborhood. be all over the neighborhood, all over the house. the windows have open. he and another resident concerns, they were told dust, but thend tested.d to have it it turned out to be really dangerous. also turned out to come old plant thatar- is shutting down. if the wind goes in the wrong n -- it goes directly room.y he lives in the high-rise next to the planned. everybody told me it would be shut down. the plan tonner says the main closing theare because natural gas is efficient than coal. says thatrson plant has other pollution issues that would have addressed, very little of the dust residents about was from the planned. paul and his wife connie they believeing the plan to hurt their health. take medicine for the rest o
FOX News
Oct 15, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> the buck stops here is of course truman's sign on his desk. >> i'm in charge at the state department. she may not realize she lost the election. there are two bucks. obviously hillary is responsible for the lapses of security, but equally obviously obama is responsible for the cover-up. i have another question for mrs. hillary rodham clinton. our u.n. delegate, jerry kramer -- kramer just announced two days ago that's u.n. is about to impose a tax on the internet and regulate it, and gift u.n. the power to assign e-names and ip addresses, and give every country the power to census orb the internet. i talk about this in the book "black helicopters." this is coming to pals. and hillary clinton's delegate at the united nations is participating in it, not objecting to it, standing there and letting it happen. to me that's the buck that should stop there. take this marvelous internet and put it in the hands of the chinese and russian -- >> sean: there's a lot of areas where they'll tax us. in other words, this will be a worldwide tax on top of taxes we already pay. it's in the
Oct 14, 2012 10:30am EDT
fascinating story that early on, the whole dixiecrat thing, in reaction to an address that truman gave, a set of proposals that truman gave in early 48, and all the southern governors meet in north florida outside of tallahassee at a governors conference, and that's where the whole thing starts. and he said with got to leave the democratic party, we've got to leave it now. and thurmond, worked out by his closest advisers said no. they said what we need is a 48 hour cooling off before we can figure out what we're going to do and i kind of thing. thurmond offered a resolution for a cooling off period, and that's what got adopted. but then at his asking people what they should be realized not too many people were interested in going off. they want to stay fired up there and thurmond been kind of double down and said i need to get involved in this. the reason, many people in south going to recognize this at the time, is that thurmond was looking ahead to 1950. his gubernatorial term would be up in 1950. he couldn't succeed in soft on politics and the want to run for the senate. and to do t
Oct 15, 2012 1:00am EDT
difficult situation from president truman and gave the order to plan an operation inside iran to bring down prime minister mohsen def and to replace him with someone believed to be more in accordance with our interest. >> so did the prime minister get replaced and did the schulman get through on at that time? >> it's a fascinating story. the shah was reluctant to move. he was presented with a plan to replace the prime minister with a military man. he didn't want to see a military man thinking he might be jumping out into the fire. he was persuaded. there were stories the way he was persuaded she was told this is going ahead with or without you. if most of death would be replaced if it goes with you so much the better and if it does not. he was persuaded to go along with it. >> professor, when you look up at the crisis, what kind of attitude did that helped develop towards the west? >> the iranians traditionally had a very pessimistic view towards the british. the british after all have participated in dividing the country into influence in the early 20th century. they were part of the
Oct 14, 2012 1:00pm EDT
situation from president truman, he gave the order to plan an operation inside iran, planning an operation to bring down the prime minister and to replace him with someone who believed to be worn in accordance with our interests. >> host: what was the final outcome? did the prime minister get replaced? did the shock him on the throw at that point? >> guest: it is a fascinating story. the shot was reluctant he was replaced with a military man. he did not like him very much and do not want to see a military man and that he might be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. there were stories. the way he was dissuaded, he was told that this is going with or without you. you would be replaced if you don't do well, otherwise you'll be looking for a job elsewhere. and he eventually was persuaded to go along with it. >> host: so, professor john limbert come when you look at that, before we move onto the other two crisis is, what kind of attitude is that helped to develop among the iranians toward the west? >> specifically toward the united states. the iranians traditionally
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 11:00am PDT
look to my predecessors, i think of ronald reagan and harry truman, i think of the idea of peace through strength, american credibility, a strong economy that gives america the credibility it needs in china and elsewhere in the world. if romney pins him as another bush, he's in trouble. >> well, i think romney has to be careful not to just go with the platitudes. >> should he fight on benghazi? >> absolutely. the problem with benghazi was not that obama went to las vegas the next day for a fundraiser. >> so what is it? >> the problem with benghazi is that the administration, first of all, misled the country for two weeks about what happened, or apparently misled, or it didn't know what happened for two weeks, which is just as bad. it didn't come clean about the concerns about security that happened before anniversary of 9/11, insisting the attacks on 9/11 were just caused by a youtube video. >> where are the other vulnerabilities on foreign policy for the president? >> well, i think the vulnerabilities -- just to carry on from what we've been saying here, the primary vulnerabilit
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, including the aircraft carrier, uss harry truman are going out it sea until the area is clear it return. they are the world's largest naval installation. no cancellations at the airports yet but major airlines are offering passengers a way out. putting flexible travel policies in place so that passengers can change or cancel flights next week without paying a fee. >> a lot of people are doing whatever they can to get ready for sandy. flood sag real concern. so folks are arming themselves with sandbags and stocking up on supplies. darcy spence enner alexandria n with that part of the story. darcy? >> we're live along the alexandria waterfront. if you take a look behind me here at the marina, you can see it is very quiet, very tranquil. people spent the day and evening getting ready but say they are not quite sure what to expect. at the cleveland park metro, sandbags are in place to protect against flooding as the region prepares for hurricane sandy. >> i think could or could not happen. and it could be further south, further north. >> governors declared emergency as did d.c. mayor gray.
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
the white house for 33 years. from harry truman to ronald reagan, now the carpenter's grandson is selling about a 1,000 hand me downs, they include a lighter, john f. kennedy's baby pin, and a wooden post from 1814 when the british set fire to the white house. some of the starting bids as high as $12,000. >>> thanks for joining us this morning. ,,,,,,,,
Oct 14, 2012 1:40pm EDT
recent presidents carter, reagan, clinton, bush and obama with the truman administration. almost all political concerns rustlers to the national committee. the white house staff is smaller, different norms. everything is improper to someone in the government payroll, make an electoral planning decisions. the jimmy carter designated an aide to do with legal affairs not because the white house is political, but he was accused o handling politics and the whie use poorly. he wanted someone close to someone close to him who he could, who could help them keep in touch with key members of  y across the country and ronald reagan institutionalized it. it's on the white house office of political affairs, chevy president since has had none is given as the situation now where you're used to having the key campaign advisers by david axelrod david karl rove who are on the government payroll. they are there to help the president do the job come but they're certainly the concern that you have a perception of a po
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
. kennedy, harry truman and even bill clinton. they also threw ronald reagan in there. but it was interesting to note the foreign policy team for mitt romney talking about democratic presidents after that debate performance last week when a lot of pundits on the right and the left were sensing that mitt romney was moving to the middle on domestic policy. we might hear some of that on foreign policy later on today, soledad. >> interesting point. jim acosta for us this morning, thank you, jim. >>> a recent poll shows president obama has a seven percentage point lead over mitt romney when it comes to who would handle foreign policy better. let's get to richard williamson, former ambassador to the united nations for special political affairs. mitt romney's senior foreign policy adviser. nice to see you, sir. thank you for talking with us. let's focus on some -- actually what jim acosta just said. let's talk about tha first. as you heard there was a phone call with some of the foreign policy advisers. and when they listed sort of the foreign policy that maybe mitt romney would be, i gu
Oct 8, 2012 2:30am PDT
focus on a vision of peace through strength as in the tradition of harry truman and ronald regan. in prepared remarks released to the media the republican candidate is expected to address missteps in libya and talking about the deadly attack on bengha benghazi. he will say as president he would partner with other nations to help arm the rebels who are fighting assad's government. >>> on our relationship with egypt, romney will make the argument that u.s. aid should be tied to the egyptians upholding their peace treaty with israel. with growing tension over iran's nuclear program, mitt romney says he will not hesitate to put forces in the eastern mediterranean and the gulf region. the obama campaign is downplaying the speech describing romney over the weekend as, quote, an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy and the only person who has offended europe more is probably chevy chase. >>> get ready. mitt romney is continuing to gain ground on the president following last week's debate. a new gallup daily tracking pole shows the president leading the nation 49-46%. mitt romney spent the
Oct 17, 2012 4:00am EDT
carrier uss harry truman. a line between the two ships broke. four sailors were injured. three hospitaled. >>> a canadian border guard is hospitalized after she was shot by a man crossing in washington. a man pulled up in a van attempting to cross into canada when he shot the woman who was in her booth an then shot himself to death. police are trying to determine what led to the attack. the crossing at blaine, washington is the third busiest crossing kbrop the 14-year-old pakistani girl shot in the head by taliban is making a slow recovery in a london hospital. she was airlifted to receive special treatment and to protect her from a follow up attack. >> she's not out of the wood yet. but at this stage we're optimistic that things are going in the right direction. >> several people have turned up at the hospital claiming to be relatives of the girl. but police say they apparently were just curiosity seekers. >>> straight ahead on your wednesday morning, weather and later shrinking the ipad. apple is expected to roll out a mini version of its wildly popular tablet. severe rheumat
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
carpenter collected hundreds of items from president truman to president reagan. today they are up for sale. we'll show you this one-of-a-kind collection right here on cbs "this morning". nature knows all about baking. you just mix together a few simple ingredients add a bit of heat, and "voila." so to make truvia baking blend, we shared one of nature's most surprising secrets: sweetness from the stevia leaf. for a blend of truvia natural sweetener and sugar that bakes and browns like sugar, with 75% fewer calories per serving. from nature, for sweetness. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. hi, i'm snuggle. look! i get towels fluffy [ giggle ]... blankets cuddly... and clothes stay fresh... [ sniff ] ...for 14 days! and i cost less than the leading brand. let's snuggle. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer.
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with every u.s. president dating back to harry truman. the 93-year-old might be signaling for report from mitt romney. after meeting grah at his north carolina home last week, the reverend's website removed a reference to mormonism as we know he is of the mormon faith. >>> no matter who you are voting for come november, you're running out of time to make sure that you're registered. tomorrow is the deadline to do so in the district, but at this point you can only do so in person at the city's board of elections office. the deadlines to register in maryland and virginia have already passed. we've got more on voter registrations at click on campaign 2012. >>> still ahead tonight, 40 years to the day congressman acted the clean act. we'll take a look at the impact on the local rivers. >>> in 1969, the river caught fire, mainly from all the pollution in the waters. that helped spark the environmental movement that came up with the passage of the clean water act 40 years ago today. our erica road takes a look at how the local water ways have benefited since that time. >> report
Oct 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
missile crisis went out on the truman balcony alone to make his final decision. george bush polled his advisors and sat alone to decide to go to war with iraq and barack obama did the same thing, alone, making his decision with osama bin laden. so in addition to the specific things being discussed tonight, the details of policies, voters will get a chance to look at these men, see who has the temperament for the job and who can handle the weight of the office which, in the end, comes down on their head alone. >> pelley: norah, what are you looking for in the debate? >> that's right. foreign policy may not be at the top of voters' minds it defines many presidencies. certainly president obama is reelected he may spend most of his second term on foreign policy if he has a divided congress just as george w. bush spent most of his second term on foreign policy. tonight it's a question of momentum also for mitt romney. can he continue to close the gap in the polls and make a chink in the armor for president obama. president obama's one major strength in the polls has been his standing on nat
FOX Business
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
could force him out. >> harry truman showed you could fire the fed chairman. [laughter] as well as a general. [laughter] lou: none of that has the immediate effect of those who have suffered undr this administration. those who don't have a job and are underemployed givg up then we have a group of ceos speaking up for t multinationals we would like to go to the simpson thing. we want to raise taxes. reject it -- rejected by both republicans and democrats. we hear from business leaders they com up with this. >> how low do the fine balance? i will take that. remove the tax shelter and cut the top rate. >> rahm it -- romney is already proposing nonsense. >> we have a huge tax increase already slowing the economy down. to the clutter the tax code everyone can declare victory like 1986. we took the jump out and got the ratedown. get those down sharply. >> he will be the president. >> romney has already made these proposals what are they doing? i don't understand the motivation. >> they try to kick congresses but. >> better late than never. >> when you repeals obamacare and get to a sound
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